Facebook Tool Kit

By Kerry Scott Premium

Facebook has more than 1 billion active users per day. It’s a great way to stay connected with cousins and genealogy friends, get updated on the news from genealogy websites and vendors, and ask for help on your research.

But that popularity can mean you have to wade through a bunch of shared articles, political posts and cute kitten videos that make it hard to find what you really want to see.
The free web browser extensions in our chart can help you customize Facebook so it shows you only the content you find useful.
To download them, visit each extension’s website, then choose the version that corresponds to the web browser you use for viewing Facebook. 
 Website  Compatible Browsers  Purpose  Features  Tips

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari


Helps you customize your Facebook experience



  • hide posts you’ve already seen
  • increase the font size of posts in your feed
  • filter your news feed
  • group posts into tabs



Hover your mouse over a picture in your feed to see a larger version of it, without having to leave your news feed.



F.B. Purity

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari


Lets you keep elements you don’t want to see out of your Facebook feed



  • hide posts containing keywords you set
  • set newsfeed to “Most Recent” stories first
  • see an alert when someone unfriends you



Hide “shared photos” to minimize the number of memes you see. You’ll still see photos uploaded directly by friends and by pages you like.



Faceboo Customizer


Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari

Works with AdBlock Plus to remove what developers call “Facebook annoyances”


  • block ads and trending topics that appear in  the Facebook sidebar
  • block certain types of posts from your newsfeed


Use this tool’s parent app, AdBlock Plus, to block ads on a variety of websites.


 Rather  Chrome  

Replaces content you don’t want with content you prefer

  • filter out post with certain keywords (including profanity)
  • replace filtered content with what you want to see (such as puppy photos)
  • use with both Facebook and Twitter


Eliminate election year politics from your feed by entering the names of candidates as keywords to filter out.


 Phonton  Chrome  Lets you easily download, edit and share Facebook photos
  • apply filters and special effects to photos (similar to Instagram)
  • crop and frame photos


Use the Draw feature to circle key items when posting a photo of an ancestor or document to Facebook.