Family History by the Numbers: Back to School

By Diane Haddad Premium

75.5 million US children and adults enrolled in schools in 2006

124,888 US elementary and secondary schools in 2006

6.8 million teachers in the United States

9 enrollment at Harvard when it was established in 1636

1,500 US residents for every college student in 1810

106 colleges formed as a result of the Morrill Land-Grant Act of 1862

70 million copies of Noah Webster’s “Blue-Back Speller” sold since 1783

12 weeks of school a year required by Massachusetts’ 1852 compulsory attendance law, the nation’s first

100 percentage of states that had passed a compulsory attendance law by 1918

2,500 high schools in the United States by 1890

17 states with mandatory school segregation by race in 1950
From the September 2007 issue of Family Tree Magazine