Create a Family Web Site on RootsWeb

Create a Family Web Site on RootsWeb

Build your family's home on the Web with free Web space from RootsWeb.

If you’ve hesitated about building a family Web site, RootsWeb may change your mind. Just for the asking, you can get unlimited Web space on its system, along with detailed instructions on uploading files and photos, adding a page counter and a guest book. Just go to the account setup page

You can request multiple Web sites, even if they aren’t for genealogy. Got a green thumb? Create a “Nancy’s Garden” site, complete with photos of your vegetable garden or apple trees. Love cats? Share “Tiger’s Antics” with the world.

RootsWeb does have a few rules governing its free Web sites—no publication of copyrighted materials without permission and no commercial material, for example—but for the most part, you can create whatever personal pages you want.

If you see yourself as a potential Webmaster, check out the Webmasters FAQ. This document will answer your questions on setting up a new account, adding bells and whistles to your site, and uploading pages. If you’d like to see what more than 5,000 other people have created on their free sites, visit the genealogy index.

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