How to Find 4 Kinds of Family History Books Free on FamilySearch

How to Find 4 Kinds of Family History Books Free on FamilySearch

We'll show you how to find four kinds of family history books in the free online collection at the FamilySearch genealogy website.

Follow these search examples to find four different kinds of genealogy books in FamilySearch’s online collection of digitized family history books.

You’ll find expert advice for discovering ancestors in all of FamilySearch’s free online resources—genealogy books, records, Family Tree, old photos, and more—in the Unofficial Guide to book and the Cheat Sheet.

1. Local Histories and Records

To find local history books and published record transcriptions for a place, search for the name of the county, town or community. Our search for a township name turned up published cemetery records, books about local families, local histories, and more.

2. City Directories

Find city directories by searching for the name of a city or town and the words city directory. We found several digitized directories for Indianapolis, Ind. Keep in mind that a suburb or smaller city might be covered in the directory for a major city nearby.


3. Family Histories

Search for a last name to find family history books. Add a place to narrow your results. Here, we included a county and state name to find titles relevant to the Teipel family in Northern Kentucky, rather than the Teipels of Missouri, Texas and elsewhere.
Note that your search results may include digitized books that are accessible only from computers in local FamilySearch Centers or in FamilySearch’s Family History Library in Salt Lake City. 

4. Genealogical Society Publications

The FamilySearch book collection includes genealogical society journals, newsletters and other publications, which often include transcribed records, details on local families and tips on local resources. To find these publications, search for words in the name of the genealogical society.

Our search on illinois genealogical society turned up results for county societies in Illinois. FamilySearch books suggested adding the word state to our search to find publications by the Illinois State Genealogical Society.

From the March/April 2016 Family Tree Magazine

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