Genealogy Abbreviations

Genealogy Abbreviations

Our guide debrief you on the basic abbreviations you'll need to forge ahead in your ancestor hunt.

? abr.: abridged; abridgement

? abs. or abst.: abstract

? acc.: according to; account; accompanied

? adm. or admin.: administrator, administration

? aka or als.: also known as; alias

? anc.: ancestor

? appx.: appendix

? B (uppercase): black (indicating race)

? b. (lowercase): born

? bp. or bpt.: baptized; birthplace

? bu. or bur.: buried

? cem.: cemetery

? CH: courthouse

? ch.: children; church; chief; chaplain

? chr.: christened

? cir.: circa

? conf: confirmed

? CW: Civil War

? d.: died

? decd, or dec’d.: deceased

? div.: divorced

? FR: family register

? gdn. or grdn.; guardian

? inf.: infantry

? inhab; inhabitant; inhabited

? jud.: judicial

? junr.: junior

? lic.: license

? liv.: living

? m. or md.: married

? mil.: military

? mo.: month

? na.: naturalized

? n.d.: no date; not dated

? nm: never married

? obit: obituary

? OS: “Old Style” calendar

? p.o.a.: power of attorney

? pr.: proved; probated

? p.r.: parish register

? RC: Roman Catholic

? reg.: register

? res.: residence; research

? ret.: retired

? s.: son

? s. & h.: son and heir

? s/o: son of

? srnm.: surname

? T. or twp.: township

? unk.: unknown

? unm.: unmarried

From the November 2003 Trace Your Family History.

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