Genealogy Crafts: Family Recipe Cards

Share Grandma’s most famous foods with a collection of recipe cards, complete with butter stains. This easy project is a great gift for cooks or anyone who loves good cooking.


  • written or typed family recipes
  • photos related to the recipes (optional)
  • computer with word processor and printer
  • white cardstock
  • self-adhesive laminating sheets
  • hole punch
  • metal key ring or ribbon

1. Scan each recipe, front and back, with a flatbed scanner set at 300 dpi and full color. Alternatively, photograph the card with your digital camera or smartphone.

2. Open a new document in your word processor. Under 3 Format>Document, set the margins to 3 inches at the top
and bottom, and 1⁄4 inch at each side.

3. Insert the digitized recipe and related photo (if using) by going to Insert>Photo>Picture From File. Adjust the size of each image and arrange them to fit the document. If the original recipe was double-sided, place the image of the back of the card on the second page of your document.

4. Print the design on cardstock. If the original recipe is double-sided, choose double-sided printing (this varies with the printer). Cut the card to 51⁄2×81⁄2 inches.

5. Laminate cards. Punch a hole in the corner of each and assemble into a book with a key ring or ribbon.

This is one of the many easy and fun projects featured in our book, Best Family History Projects.