Genealogy Gadgets and Gizmos 5

By Allison Dolan Premium

Watch this!
Genealogy detectives have a new tool for collecting evidence: the Casio Wrist Camera.

This Dick Tracy-esque contraption is a digital camera in disguise&#151it records and stores up to 100 photos in 16 grayscales on its 120-dots per inch monitor, and it doubles as a watch. The camera has three modes: normal for monochrome grayscale images, art for two-tone images and merge to combine two images into one.

You can whip out the watch-camera and catch your family members in the act of doing something memorable just about anywhere. It records the date and time automatically; you can also add identifying information (names or events, for example) of up to 24 characters.

The Wrist Camera’s infrared data transfer system allows you to load images to and from your PC, as well as to other wrist cameras.

Casio has not yet released pricing or availability. But keep a close eye on the company’s Web site for updates.