Genealogy Insider: Book Remarks

Genealogy Insider: Book Remarks

Memoirs, social histories, reference and more: Put these books on your roots reading list.

Are you an on-the-go researcher? You’ll love the convenience of the Genealogy At a Glance series from Genealogical Publishing Co. These handy laminated guides by expert genealogists give you an overview of topics such as English, Irish, Italian, French-Canadian, African-American, Immigration and Revolutionary War research, to name a few.

In 1902, Thomas Hooke McCallie wrote a memoir for his children. Now his grandson David McCallie has edited and annotated the memoir, and given it a wider audience. THM: A Memoir (WestBow Press) reveals not only a family history, but the life story of a Civil War-era Presbyterian minister from Washington, Tenn.

When Eunice Chapman’s abusive husband left with their three children to join a group of Shakers in 1814, she was determined to win her children back. The Great Divorce: A Nineteenth-Century Mother’s Extraordinary Fight Against Her Husband, the Shakers, and Her Times by Ilyon Woo (Grove Press) chronicles Chapman’s struggles and brings the era’s history, law, religion and politics to life.

Sociologist Eviatar Zerubavel investigates the motivation behind our need to construct an ancestry in Ancestors & Relatives: Genealogy, Identity & Community (Oxford University Press). The concepts are insightful, but while the author recites a long list of disciplines he consulted, it’s troubling that his sources contain no references to works by well-known genealogists.
From the March/April 2012 Family Tree Magazine

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