Genealogy Insider: Prime Time

Genealogy Insider: Prime Time

Add these popular Roots Television videos to your must-see playlist.

As Roots Television celebrated its third birthday, these were its most-watched videos. Add them to your must-see playlist:
1. DNA: Tale of Two Fathers • Y-DNA testing brings closure to a man’s family mystery
2. In Search of Annie Moore • The true story behind Ellis Island’s first immigrant arrival
3. Down Under Florida: Ashley • Genealogy Guys Drew Smith and George G. Morgan uncover surprising history in a Tampa graveyard
4. Unclaimed Persons • Genealogist Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak works with coroners to find deceased individuals’ next-of-kin
5. Cyndi’s List • Dick Eastman chats with the founder of the legendary Cyndi’s List
6. Psychic Roots • Sharon DeBartolo Carmack interviews Psychic Roots author Hank Jones
7. Heir Jordan • Professional genealogist Jordan Auslander shares his (comedic) take on genealogy
8. Haley-Baff Genetic Reunion • How Alex Haley’s nephew connected with his Scottish kin
9. DNA: Were They Sisters? • A genealogist proves two relatives who lived 200 years ago were siblings
10. DNA: Did She Marry Her Cousin? • It’s not a typo—learn why Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak has two of the same last name
From the May 2010 Family Tree Magazine

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