Genealogy Ninja’s Training Checklist

Genealogy Ninja’s Training Checklist

Read to whip your research into shape? Download this family history research checklist and you'll be a genealogy ninja in no time!

genealogy research checklist

We recently shared 5 Tips to Become a Genealogy Research Ninja. If you’re ready to become a genealogy ninja, you’ll want to download this free checklist to help you along the way!

The chart is a PDF file, which you can view using the free Adobe Reader software. On a PC, right click the index link to Save As to your desktop. On a Mac, Control-click to Save Link As to your desktop. (Note, not all features will function using Preview.)

Once you’ve submitted your e-mail address and clicked “Click my Free Download,” you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to the downloads.

2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference

Do you want to learn new tips, tricks, and techniques for breaking down your genealogy brick walls and find your family history? Do you want the benefits of a genealogy conference, without the hassle and expense of travel? Look no further than our 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference!

No Planes, No Packing. Just You and Your Computer!

Our 3-day virtual genealogy conference is all online, which means you don’t have to worry about long lines, travel expenses, or missing a single tip, trick, technique or resource. We’ve taken the hassle out by recording every presentation so you can download and view them at your convenience. You get to make your own schedule and learn at your own pace.

Ask Questions, Get Answers

Because you don’t have to rush through from presentation to presentation, you can take the time to connect with fellow researchers and our expert moderators on the discussion boards, as well as ask questions for the live Q&As. And you don’t even have to attend to get your questions answered; the discussion boards are open from the time the conference starts. The live events are recorded so if you can’t make it, you can still watch it later.

You’ll love the 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference if you:

  • Want all the best parts of a conference from the convenience of your own home
  • Seek new tips, tricks, and resources to improve your genealogy research
  • Like exploring new approaches to finding your family history
  • Want to overcome obstacles in your research and solve your brick walls
  • Are ready to take your genealogy to the next level – without the hassle of travel
  • You’ll have the best seat in the house for every presentation, and you don’t even have to leave home!

In this conference, you’ll get:

  • Full access to all of the research tracks, including Tips and Tricks, DNA, Websites and Tech, People and Places, and more
  • 15 brand-new presentations that you can download and watch on your own schedule
  • A live keynote and several Q&As to help you break through your research obstacles
  • Expert advice from genealogy pros
  • A chance to network and mingle with other researchers like yourself on the discussion boards
  • Plenty of additional resources and goodies to supplement your research
  • Tons of Value — Over $700 worth of instruction for less than one-third of the price!
  • And for a limited time only, you can save even more! Early bird pricing ends August 17th!

Register today!!

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