Best FREE Genealogy Websites of 2017: Websites for Sharing Your Genealogy

Best FREE Genealogy Websites of 2017: Websites for Sharing Your Genealogy

Share your family history research and "fish" for cousins at these free genealogy family tree websites and wikis.


Not just for posting political rants and pictures of your kids, the world’s biggest social networking site is also a useful tool for finding cousins and sharing research finds. All your favorite genealogy organizations (including Family Tree Magazine) have pages as well.


Start your own online tree here, look for matches among 114 million individual profiles and invite family members to collaborate.


Sort of like Facebook for images, this online scrapbook/digital tagboard has proven a valuable tool for family historians, who share everything from records to old photos.


Winner of the Developer Challenge at FamilySearch’s 2013 RootsTech conference, Treelines takes a narrative approach to online family trees, helping you turn your pedigree charts into ancestral stories.


This wiki-style project from the Foundation for On-Line Genealogy has pages for more than 2.8 million ancestors of its members.


This shared family tree includes more than 13 million profiles contributed by more than 400,000 genealogists from around the world. Don’t let the sharing scare you, though: Modern family histories are private; as you go back in time, the privacy controls open up.

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