German Genealogy Glossary

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In honor of our Germany Genealogy 101 course beginning Monday, March 5, we’ve decided to re-visit a popular post – our German Genealogy Glossary. This quick guide can be a big help when researching your German ancestors, from reviewing documents to looking through an old family journal.

German Word Glossary Translations Genealogy


German English
eins one
zwei two
drei three
vier four
fünf five
sechs six
sieben seven
acht eight
neun nine
zehn ten
elf eleven
zwölf twelve
dreizehn thirteen
vierzehn fourteen
fünfzehn fifteen
sechszehn sixteen
siebzehn seventeen
achtzehn eighteen
neunzehn nineteen
zwanzig twenty
dreißig thirty
vierzig forty
fünfzig fifty
sechzig sixty
siebzig seventy
achtzig eighty
neunzig ninety
hundert one hundred
tausend one thousand


German English
Jahr year
Monat month
Tag day
Januar January
Februar February
Marz March
April April
Mai May
Juni June
Juli July
August August
September September
Oktober October
November November
Dezember December
Montag Monday
Dienstag Tuesday
Mittwoch Wednesday
Donnerstag Thursday
Freitag Friday
Samstag, Sonnabend Saturday
Sonntag Sunday


German English
Bruder brother
Cousin, Vetter cousin (male)
Eltern parents
Enkelin, Enkel granddaughter, grandson
Familie family
Frau, Gattin wife
Grossmutter, -vater grandmother, grandfather
Kind child
Kusine, Base cousin (female)
Mann, Gatte husband
Mutter mother
Neffe nephew
Nichte niece
Onkel uncle
Schwägerin, Schwäger sister-in-law, brother-in-law
Schwester sister
Schwiegermutter, -vater mother-in-law, father-in-law
Stiefmutter, -vater stepmother, stepfather
Tante aunt
Urgrossmutter, -vater great-grandmother, great-grandfather
Vater father
Waise orphan
Witwe, Witwer
widow, widower

Other terms

German English
Akt document
Standesamt civil registry
Taufe baptism
Geburt birth
Ehe, Hochzeit, Heirat marriage
Scheidung divorce
Tod death
Grab grave
Bestattung burial
Vorname first name
Name, Zuname, Familienname surname
Geburtsname, Mädchenname maiden name
Stadt city
Dorf small town
Land state
Bezirk, Kreis district
Pfarrei, Kirchspiel, Gemeinde parish

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