Giving Props

Giving Props

Before heading out to a living history event or destination, familiarize yourself with the lingo of re-enactor garb and supplies.

Re-enactors immerse themselves in their roles — right down to their sundries. Before you head out to a living history event, familiarize yourself with the old-fashioned objects you might encounter. This glossary will get you started:

? brogans: heavy, ankle-high work shoes

? carbine: short-barreled rifle

? cockade: rosette or knot of ribbon worn on soldiers’ hats

? gaiters: knee-high leg coverings, usually made of heavy cloth or leather

? hard tack: a tough, tasteless unleavened bread made of flour and water, and rationed to soldiers

? haversack: shoulder-strap bag

? gauntlets: gloves

? kepi: a soldier’s cap with flat, round top and stiff visor

? minnie balls: bullets

? mucket: metal cup

? shank: the loop or ring on the back of a button

? strop: thick leather strip for sharpening razors

? waistcoat: vest
From the August 2005 Family Tree Magazine

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