House Hunting Toolkit

House Hunting Toolkit

These resources will help you research the places your family called home.

Web Sites

• Ancestral Homes


• Built in America


• General Land Office Records


• Historic House Architecture


• HCTV: “If Walls Could Talk”


• House History Checklist


• How to Research the History of Your House


• Why Can’t I Find or Recognize My Ancestral Homes?



America’s Architectural Roots: Ethnic Groups that Built America by Dell Upton (Preservation Press)

The Big House: A Century in the Life of an American Summer Home by George Howe Colt (Scribner)

If These Walls Had Ears: The Biography of a House by James Morgan (Warner Books)

Houses and Homes: Exploring Their History by Barbara J. Howe, Dolores A. Fleming, Emory L Kemp, and Ruth Ann Overbeck (AltaMira)

How to Research Your House: Every Home Tells a Story by Pamela Brooks (How To Books)

A Visual Dictionary of American Domestic Architecture by Rachel Carley (Henry Holt)

Windows on the Past: Four Centuries of New England Homes by Jane C. Nylander and Diane L. Viera (Bulfinch Press)


• American Architectural Foundation

1799 New York Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20006, (202) 626-7318, <>

• American Institute of Architects

1735 New York Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20006, (800) 242-3837, <>

• National Register of Historic Places

National Park Service, 1201 Eye St. NW, Eighth Floor (MS 2280), Washington, DC 20005, (202) 354-2213, <>

• National Trust for Historic Preservation

1785 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20036, (800) 944-6847, <>

From the September 2008 Family Tree Magazine

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