Inside The Family History Library

By Paula Stuart Warren and James W. Warren Premium

Family History Library

35 N. West Temple Salt Lake City, UT 84150 (801) 240-2331

Family History Support line TOLL-FREE: (800) 346-6044 <>


Monday: 7:30AM-5PM

Tuesday-Saturday: 7:30AM-10PM

Sunday: closed

The library is handicapped-accessible, with elevators serving all floors. Rest rooms, drinking fountains and public telephones are located on each floor as are tables for research and lockers for storing your valuable materials.

The THIRD FLOOR has staff offices and is the place where donations of materials are accepted.

The SECOND FLOOR has row after row of microfilm readers and film cabinets housing US and Canadian microfilm and microfiche.

The MAIN FLOOR has the US and Canadian books, six book copiers, and the Automated Resource Center, with hundreds of CD-ROMs. A snack room with vending machines and microwaves is on this floor.

FLOOR B1 (first basement level) is the International Floor, housing microforms and books from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Germanic countries, Denmark, Jamaica, Asia, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Latin America, Poland and more.

FLOOR B2 is the British Isles floor, including books and microforms from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.
From the August 2000 issue of Family Tree Magazine