James Bond’s Irish Roots

By Jim Faber Premium

The Irish town of Navan has never had to worry about a super-villain the same way its most famous son has.

Pierce Brosnan, who once again plays James Bond in the new movie “The World Is Not Enough,” celebrated his Irish roots recently with a return to his hometown. Brosnan, who left Navan at age 11, enjoyed a packed reception as he was presented with an award from the town, which was followed by a visit to his childhood home and the gravesites of relatives.

The homecoming experience allowed Brosnan, best known as the unflappable 007, a chance to show his human side. “It all started here. I’ve always carried the image of Navan in my heart,” Brosnan told the crowd gathered for the ceremony. “I have never been so overcome with emotion before—I’m a Navan man now and in the past as I was a Navan boy.”

Navan, which Brosnan called his “spiritual home,” is a mining town near Dublin with a population of roughly 18,000 people. Despite the town’s blue-collar contrast to the suave Bond persona, Brosnan doesn’t hide from his heritage.

“The man I have become started in this town,” Brosnan said. “Many people do not know where they are from. I know. I am a Navan man.”

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