Employment Records

By Kathleen W. Hinckley Premium

Q: Is there any place that lists employees for any given company? For instance, if I think somebody worked at a certain company in 1967, is there any source that would have a list of the employees who worked at that company during that year? I have racked my brain, but come up with zero.


A: For privacy reasons, employers do not publish names and addresses of their employees for public distribution. An internal telephone directory may list most employees, but these are private records and are probably not archived. You can, however, determine or verify a person’s place of employment by consulting a city directory, which lists the name, address and employer of individuals. Whether a city directory was published for your city and year will depend upon the city. For example, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles discontinued publication of city directories in 1928-29, 1933-34 and 1942 respectively. See Chapter 3 in Locating Lost Family Members & Friends (Betterway Books, $18.99) for details on how to use and locate city directories.