Keywords to Unlock Online Library Catalogs

By Rick Crume Premium

Searching by keywords can unlock the treasures of online library catalogs. Start your search with some of these keywords, usually in combination with the name of a town, county, state, province or country (for example, Maine cemeteries or Maine and cemeteries).
From the January 2004 Family Tree Magazine.
immigrants adoptions
African-American immigration
Afro-American land
land grants apprentices
Loyalists atlas
baptisms maps
Bible marriages
Mayflower biography
births military
militia blacks
burials missionaries
cemeteries naturalization
census newspapers
nobility church
Civil War obituaries
passenger lists coat of arms
patriots colonial
pensions Confederacy
court probate Confederate Pilgrims
Puritans deaths
deeds Revolutionary War
royalty directories
divorces school
ships emigrants
emigration slavery
soldiers genealogy
tax gravestones
tombstones guardianship
Union heraldry
vital records history
homestead wills