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New partnership offers genealogy classes online.

Leave your mark on the fruits of your genealogical labor with a new software utility. GEDmark, a free program from Progeny Software, places your seal of ownership on every individual in your genealogy files. With GEDmark, you can submit GEDCOM files to a large database without sacrificing your author information. GEDmark scans your computer to find GEDCOM files. Once those files have been detected and identified, you simply select the proper file, enter your authorship details and click Start. In a matter of seconds, GEDmark attaches your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, Web site URL and any comments to every record in the file. When other researchers select individuals from your file to include in their family history databases, the ownership information remains linked to those records. Download the program at <>

From the October 2003 Family Tree Magazine

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