Making Lasting Impressions

By Sharon DeBartolo Carmack Premium

With your newfound knowledge of tombstones, you can put together the perfect gift for family members: a scrapbook of your ancestors’ grave markers. You probably won’t want to include actual tombstone rubbings, which run on the large side, but you can incorporate photos of rubbings and markers, as well as descriptions of the stones’ composition and artwork, attitudes toward death at that time, the epitaphs’ origins and any discrepancies you found in your research. If you have pictures of the deceased, include those, too.

Decorate the pages with cemetery symbols and funeral wreaths. You can download cemetery clip art from < /cemart>, < / Celebrations /Solemn_Occasions/Death/Cemetery> and <>. To find more art, type “cemetery clip art” or “cemetery clipart” into a general search engine, such as Google <>. Some Web sites let you download the art for free; others require a small fee.
From the June 2005 Family Tree Magazine