Oh, the Possibilities

Oh, the Possibilities

Tricks for finding elusive ancestors and getting around census transcription errors.

Online indexes to census records open wealth of new ways to find elusive ancestors and get around transcription errors. When name searches came up empty, here’s how I used Ancestry.com’s Search options to track my great-grandfather Oscar Lundeen in the 1900 census:

1. I entered two facts about Oscar in Ancestry.com’s 1900 census search form: Her lived in Rock Island Country, ill, and was born in Sweden in 1852.

2. My search resulted in 119 hits. To narrow the field, I added another criterion, looking for those who immigrated in 1875.

3. That move shrank the list two possibilities – one of them was indeed my great-grandfather, misspelled Oscar Lundell.

4.  Clicking View Image brought up Oscar Lundeen’s digitized census entry – at the blurred bottom of a page. A click on the Next button, however, yielded a clear view of his family at the top of the following page.
From the May 2007 issue of Family Tree Magazine.

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