Finding Old Irish Newspapers Online

By David A. Fryxell Premium
Q. I’m looking for an obituary for an ancestor who died in Athboy, County Meath, Ireland. How can I find old Irish newspapers online?

A. The subscription site Irish Newspaper Archives offers more than 2 million pages in 23 papers. Its collection includes the Meath Chronicle, with all issues from 1897 to the present. Founded in 1887, the Chronicle printed detailed birth, marriage and death announcements. Because Athboy is close to the boundary between Meath and neighboring County Westmeath, you might also check the Irish Newspaper Archives’ database of the Westmeath Examiner, based in nearby Mullingar. The collection covers the Examiner from its founding in 1882 to 2008.

Check the new Irish newspapers database at, too. To find other Irish newspapers (including current publications) online, try & and

From the December 2013 Family Tree Magazine