Photo Finish: Ancestors at Work

Photo Finish: Ancestors at Work

Our forebears were no strangers to hard labor: The United States was built on a bedrock of sweat and solid work ethic. Pay homage to their perspiration by checking out these reader-submitted photos of ancestors on the job.

“My grandfather, Herbert Cole (on the left), worked in Gilead, Maine, as a section hand for the Grand Trunk Railroad.”
—Mary Cole Tyler
“My uncle, Robert C. Erickson, is shown here in 1938. He was a farmer in northern Illinois, and was national level-land plowing champion twice.”
—Susan Mosey
“This is my mother, Margaret Harrison, in 1961, in her nurse’s uniform in Pakersburg, WV.”
—Anita Sorensen
From the September 2014 issue of Family Tree Magazine

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