Take Our Place-Name Changes Quiz

By Sunny Jane Morton Premium

Can you identify the former names of modern-day US cities? Match the lettered city name to each current-day city listed. Scroll down for the answers.
1. Phoenix
2. San Francisco
3. Chicago
4. Hartford, Conn.
5. Orlando, Fla.
6. Atlanta
7. Boston
8. St. Paul, Minn.
9. Concord, NH
10. Austin, Texas 
a. Penney Cook
b. Jernigan
c. Yerba Buena
d. Shawmut
e. Fort Hoop
f. Swilling’s Mill
g. Fort Dearborn
h. Waterloo
i. Terminus
j. Pig’s Eye


Answers: 1. f, 2. c, 3. g, 4. e, 5. b, 6. i, 7. d, 8. j, 9. a, 10. h
From the March/April 2015 Family Tree Magazine