Polish Heritage Toolkit

By Melanie Rigney Premium

From pole to pole

For information on Poland today and Polish culture:

Polish government online

<>: Features information about issues in the country today.

Polish Embassy

2640 16th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009, (202) 234-3800, <>

Polish National Tourist Office (Orbis)

275 Madison Ave., Suite 1711, New York, NY 10016, (212) 338-9412, <>

US Embassy

Aleje Ujazdowskie 29/31, 00540 Warsaw, Poland, 48-22-628-3041. Consulate General, Ulica Stolarska 9, 31043 Krakow, Poland, 48-12-211-400. Consular Agency, Ulica Paderewskiego 8, 61708 Poznan, Poland, 48-61-518-516.

Polish World

<>: Links to Polish news, organizations and travel.

<>: Online guide to Polish businesses and Internet culture.

Indiana University Polish Studies Center

1217 E. Atwater Ave., Bloomington, IN 47401,(813)855-1507, <>: Offers lectures, concerts and holiday activities at the eight Indiana University campuses.

American Center of Polish Culture

2025 O St. NW, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 785-2320, <>: Seeks to build interest and a positive image for Polish life and culture.

Polish American Cultural Center

308 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19106, (215) 922-1700, <>: Nice listing of Polish-American radio programs; there’s also a museum and gift shop.

American Institute of Polish Culture

1440 79th St. Causeway, Suite 117, Miami, FL 33141, (305) 864-2349, <>: Seeks to share Poland’s heritage and promote endeavors of Polish-Americans.

Polish American Association

3834 N. Cicero Ave., Chicago, IL 60641, (773) 282-8206, <>: Aims to improve the well-being of Poles and Polish-Americans today.

Polish American Congress

<>: Umbrella organization for fraternal, educational and other types of Polish groups.

From the December 2000 issue of Family Tree Magazine