Quick Guide to Photo Book Websites

Quick Guide to Photo Book Websites

Save and share your family history with help from one of these photo book websites.

Want to reproduce an heirloom family album to preserve the original and share copies with family? Use one of these photo book sites. Most such sites offer step-by-step assistance in videos, tutorials and design guides, making it easy to be your own publisher.
Just use your flatbed scanner to make a digital image of each page (go with full-color JPG files at a resolution of 300 dpi, using sRGB color space), then upload the images to a photo book website. The layout options for full-page or full-bleed photos are great for album pages. If you have a slow internet connection, look for a site that offers a desktop version you can use offline until it’s time to upload your book. And be sure to search for discount codes before purchasing your book.
 Website Price for 26-page hardcover
 Description Features
AdoramaPix $39.95 for an 8×8-inch book Select from 13 sizes of hardcover or faux leather books.
  • import images from Facebook, Flickr and more
  • place a photo across two pages
  • archival photo paper
  • online share site
Choose the optional lay-flat binding if you’re using lots of two-page photo spreads.
Blurb  $25.95 for a 7×7-inch book You can download BookSmart Desktop to work offline. Seven sizes are available in hardcover or softcover.
  • place a photo across two pages
  • paper upgrade option
  • share and sell books online
  • share books using Facebook, Twitter or your blog
You can convert your Blurb book an inexpensive e-book for the iBook app on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
MixBook $32.99 for an 8.5×8.5-inch book Choose from seven sizes with hardcover, softcover, leather and optional dust jacket.
  • invite contributors to your book
  • place a photo across two pages
  • import images from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and more
Explore the Online Scrapbook options for ideas to create your own family heirloom.
Shutterfly  $35.99 for an 8.5×8.5-inch book Five book sizes are available in hardcover or softcover, cloth or leather.
  • create books easily with the SimplePath tool
  • place a photo across two pages
  • share books online
  • import photos from other Shutterfly albums
Invite your family to view and order copies of your book on a personal share site.
Smilebooks  $35.95 for an 8×8-inch book Use desktop software to work offline. Choose from eight sizes; hard- or softcover, leather or cloth covers.
  • place a photo across two pages
  • optional lay-flat binding
  • Facebook app
Custom design services are available.
Snapfish  $34.96 for an 8×8-inch book Online design for five book sizes including hard- and softcover, leather and dust jacket
  • spiral-bound flip books and 2×3 mini-books available
  • creative themes and layouts
  • share your book on Facebook
A custom service lets you have your book professionally designed.


From the September 2012 Family Tree Magazine.

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