20 Places to Share Pictures Online

By Family Tree Editors Premium

Ready to hop on the online photo-sharing bandwagon? You’ve likely heard of longtime services such as Shutterfly, Snapfish and PhotoWorks, but they’re not the only options. Branch out with these 20 popular picture-posting spots—they include “traditional” photo-sharing platforms where you can store images and order prints; social networking sites that let you push out favorite pictures to your circle of friends; blogs; and more.

1. Bebo
2. Blogger
3. Facebook
4. Flickr
5. FotoLog
6. Freewebs
7. Friendster
8. Hi5
9. iGoogle
10. ImageShack
11. Live Journal
12. MySpace
13. Orkut
14. Photobucket
15. Picasa
16. SmugMug
17. Webshots
18. Windows Live Spaces
19. WordPress
20. Yahoo!

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