Stories, Places and People

Stories, Places and People

Ask these questions to capture the oral history of your African-American ancestors.

Oral histories can capture memories that lead you to more records—and a slaveholder’s identity. Ask family members, especially older ones, these questions: 

• Where did you grow up?
• Where was the family from originally?
• Who did you live with?
• Who is the oldest relative you remember?
• What stories did older folks tell about their childhoods?
• Who were people in the family named after?
• Where did the family attend church?
• Where are old-time family members buried?
• Who were the prominent white families: the big farmers or bigwigs in town?
• Did older relatives work for or have unusually close ties with certain white families?
• Did any white families with the same last name live nearby?
From the January/February 2015 Family Tree Magazine 

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