Ware in the World?

By Rick Crume Premium

Genealogy software can help plot your family’s past. Check out these genealogy-geared mapping programs; for more options, see the October 2002 Family Tree Magazine.

? AniMap Plus

This useful reference tool features maps and a place-name database. It displays 2,300-plus color maps showing changing county boundaries for the 48 continental US states. The maps cover every year since Colonial times. SiteFinder lists more than 200,000 US places plus 35,000 variant names. The SiteFinder cemetery database gives the locations of more than 100,000 cemeteries throughout the United States. AniMap Plus requires Windows and costs $79 from Gold Bug Software <>.

? US Cities Galore

 Frustration Solutions’ county-lookup software lets you search a database of 193,000-plus cities, townships and boroughs to identify their counties. You can copy the results into your genealogy database, or use the handy “cleanup” feature to automatically verify location spellings and add missing counties. The program requires Windows 95 or higher and costs $29.95 to download; call (925) 827-3062 or visit <>.

? World Place Advisor

This program uses a gazetteer of more than 3.3 million place names from around the world, plus the names of US churches and cemeteries, to check your genealogy database for place-name misspellings, missing counties and other inaccuracies. It requires Windows 95 or higher and works with all popular Windows genealogy software. The program costs $34.95 from Progeny Software; call (800) 565-0018 or visit <>.
From the April 2004 Family Tree Magazine