How to Your Research Ancestor’s Work for the WPA

How to Your Research Ancestor’s Work for the WPA

Find out more about the WPA projects your Great Depression-era ancestors worked on.

Q. I was able to obtain over 30 pages of my great-uncle’s records from working for the WPA in Chicago. Is there a way to learn more about the projects he worked on?
A. The National Archives also has an extensive collection of WPA records. You can view a summary of all the relevant holdings online. The Library of Congress’ American Memory collection contains more than 2,500 items you can find with a simple search for WPA. Another good resource, accessible in part online, is the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives, which holds a number of original WPA documents, books and other materials. The teaching resource The New Deal Network also has a collection of photos and documents, including the WPA Workers’ Handbook, published by the WPA in 1936.
 From the December 2015 Family Tree Magazine

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