Your Preservation Primer

By Family Tree Editors Premium

Timeless Treasure


? The American Institution for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works

<>: Get preservation guidelines and find a list of conservators in your area.

? Conservation Online (CoOL)

<>: Learn how to deal with specific conservation challenges, and get information on storing and preserving everything from audiovisual material to intellectual property.

? Cyndi’s List — Preservation and Conservation

<>: One of the Internet’s leading lists of genealogical resources features a section focusing on preservation of different media.

? Emergency Salvage of Flood Damaged Family Papers

<>: This article by the National Archives and Records Administration gives advice on what to do when books or papers incur water damage.

? Heritage Preservation

<>: Receive tips of the month, join preservation task forces or buy Emergency Response and Salvage wheels that highlight preventative measures to take with your valuables during storms, hurricanes and floods.

? The Kansas State Historical Society

<>: This Web site provides links on the preservation of books, buildings, documents, government records and heirlooms.

? Library of Congress Preservation Directorate

<>: Browse the answers to frequently asked questions about book preservation and restoration.

? Protection From Light Damage

<>: The Northeast Document Conservation Center tells you how to keep light from ruining your valuables.

? A Simple Book Repair Manual

<>: Dartmouth College outlines how to make minor fixes.


?Caring for Your Family Treasures by Jane S. and Richard W. Long (Heritage Preservation, $24.95)

? An Ounce of Preservation by Craig A. Turtle (Rainbow Books, $12.95)

? Your Vintage Keepsake: The CSA Guide to Costume Storage and Display by Margaret T.Ordonez (The Costume Society of America, $7.95)


? Archival Products

Box 1413

Des Moines, IA 50305

(800) 526-5640


? Archivart

7 Caesar Place

Moonachie, NJ 07074

(800) 804-8428


? The Bookmenders

14007 White Oak Lane

Bentonville, AK 72712

(800) 530-0821


? Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts

264 S. 23rd St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103

(215) 545-0613


? Conservation Resources International

5532 Port Royal Road

Springfield, VA 22151

(800) 634-6932


? Gaylord Bros.

Box 4901

Syracuse, NY 13221

(800) 448-6160


?Hollinger Corp.

9401 Northeast Drive

Fredericksburg, VA 22408

(800) 634-0491


? Light Impressions

Box 787

Brea, CA 92822



? Uneco

Box 2604

Holyoke, MA 01041

(800) 322-7775


? Masterpak

145 E. 57th St.,

Fifth Floor New York, NY 10022

(800) 922-5522


? Metal Edge

6340 Bandini Ave.

Commerce, CA 90040

(800) 862-2228


? Northeast Document Conservation Center

100 Brickstone Square

Andover, MA 01810

(978) 470-1010


? The Preservation Station

12308 Mulberry Court

Lake Ridge, VA 22192

(703) 598-1403


? Preservation Technologies

111 Thomson Park Drive

Cranberry Township, PA 16066

(800) 416-2665



568 Broadway

New York, NY 10012

(212) 219-0770 <>

?University Products

517 Main St.

Box 101

Holyoke, MA 01041

(800) 336-4847


? Washington Conservation Guild

Box 23364

Washington, DC 20026


? Wedding Cown Preservation Co.

709 North St.

Endicott, NY 13760

(800) 305-3108


? Wedding Gown Specialists

Paradise Plaza

3800 S. Tamiami Trail #26A

Sarasota, FL 34239

(888) 366-4696


Family Photos


? City Gallery

<>: Research old photos and find background on the history of photography.

? Collected Visions

<>: Submit your images to an archive of family photos for use by other genealogists.

?Cyndi’s List — Photographs & Memories

<>: More than 300 links cover photo-reunion sites, photography collections and preservation.

?Daguerreian Society

<>: The society exhibits daguerreotypes online and provides links to sites about their history and preservation.

? Digital Photography Review <>: See what digital camera models get the most online hits each day, or find product reviews.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Family Photographs (But Didn’t Know Who to Ask)

<>: Photo-restoration expert David L. Mishkin shares tips for identifying, preserving and restoring old pictures.


<>: This mailing list combines photography and genealogy.

? George Eastman House

<>: Read a timeline of photographic history.


<>: The University of Arizona Library hosts a clearinghouse of image databases and a photography mailing list.

? Just Black and White

<>: Send in your heirloom family photos to be airbrushed or digitally restored.

? The National Park Service Conserve O Grams

<>: Eight leaflets discuss photographic storage materials, processes and preservation.

?Prints & Photographs Online Catalog

<>: You can order reproductions from the Library of Congress’ Photo duplication Service at <lcweb.loc. gov/preserv/pds/photo.html>.

? Ready, ‘Net, Go! Archival Internet Resources

< Resources.html>: Explore archival tools, search engines and the Master List of Archives to locate repositories that might hold photographs of your family.

? Short Courses

<>: Take online courses, print digital-camera pocket guidebooks and read camera reviews.

?Steve’s Digicams

<>: Find reviews and images of nearly every major brand and mode! of digital cameras available.

? Wallace Library Guides

<, html>: Consult bibliographies of 19th-century photographic processes.


? America and the Daguerreotype by John Wood (University of Iowa Press, S37.95)

? American Hand Book of the Daguerreotype by Samuel D. Humphrey (, $22.99)

? American Photographs: The First Century by Merry A. Foresta (Smithsonian Institution Press, $35)

? The American Tintype by Marion Rinhart and Floyd Rinhart (Ohio State University Press, $78.95)

? Care and identification of 19th-Century Photographic Prints by James M. Reilly (Silver Pixel Press, $29.95)

? The Care of Photographs by Siegfried Rempel (The Lyons Press, out of print)

? Conservation of Photographs (Kodak Publication F-40) by Eastman Kodak Co., George T. Eaton (Silver Pixel Press, $29.95)

? The Daguerreotype: Nineteenth Century Technology and Modern Science by M. Susan Barger and William B. White (Johns Hopkins University Press, $25.95)

? Digital Photography For Dummies by Julie Adair King (John Wiley & Sons, $24.99)

? The Everything Digital Photography Book

? I just Bought a Digital Camera … Now What? by Dave Johnson (Silver Lining Books, $9.95)

? Looking at Photographs: A Guide to Technical Terms by Gordon Baldwin (). Paul Getty Museum Publications, $12.95)

? The Permanence and Care of Color Photographs: Traditional and Digital Color Prints, Color Negatives, Slides and Motion Pictures by Henry Wilhelm and Carol Brower (Preservation Publishing Company, $39.99)

? Photographers: A Sourcebook for Historical Research edited by Peter E. Palmquist (Carl Mautz Publishing, $40)

Preserving Your Family Photographs by Maureen A. Taylor (Betterway Books, $19.99)

? Secrets of the Dark Chamber. The Art of the American Daguerreotype by Merry A. Foresta and John Wood (Smithsonian Institution Press, $35)

Toning and Handcoloring Photographs by Tony Worobiec (Watson-Guptill Publications, $24.95)

? Uncovering Your Ancestry Through Family Photographs by Maureen A. Taylor (Betterway Books, $18.99)


? Canon USA Cameras

1 Canon Plaza

Lake Success, NY 11042

(800) 828-4040

<>: The Power Shot line is divided into categories for easy browsing, and links tell you what photo printers work best with Canon cameras.

? Carl Zeiss Cameras and CineLenses

1 Zeiss Drive

Thornwood, NY 10594

(914) 747-1800

<>: Zeiss tenses fit cameras from Sony, Contax and four other international brands.

Contax & Yashica

2301-200 Cottontail Lane

Somerset, NJ 08873

(732) 560-0060

<> and <>: Digital and point-and-shoot cameras and lenses are available from both of these Kyocera affiliates.

? Fujifilm

Box 7828

Edison, NJ 08818

(800) 800-3854

<>: Find the film company’s FinePix line of digital cameras online.

? Kodak

(800) 242-2424

<>: The film giant offers photography and home-movie supplies, publications and Picture Maker kiosks at retail outlets nationwide.

? Nikon

(800) 645-6687

<>: CoolPix digital cameras are available for varying skill levels and price ranges.

? Olympus

2 Corporate Center Drive

Melville, NY 11747

(800) 622-6372

<>: Browse Olympus’ cameras or find a local retailer.


(877) 865-7669

<>: View the newest digital-camera models and buy online.


? Paint Shop Pro 8


(800) 622-2793

<>: PC; $99 download or $109 CD-ROM.

? PhotoImpact


(800) 858-5323

<>: PC; $79.95 download or $89.95 CD-ROM, with free 30-day trial.

? Photo-Paint


(800) 772-6735

<>; PC or Mac; $199.

?Photoshop Elements


(800) 833-6687

<>: PC or Mac; $99.

? PhotoSuite


(866) 218-7694

<>: PC; $29,95.

? Picture It! Photo

Microsoft (888) 218-5617

<>: PC; $24.95, Premium Edition $34.95.

? Print Artist PhotoExpert


(425) 644-4343

<>: PC; $29.99.


? Adobe Photoshop Album


(800) S33-6687

<>: PC or Mac; $49.99

?Paint Shop Photo Album


(800) 622-2793 <>: PC; $45 download or $49 CD-ROM.


Lifescape Solutions (617) 867-7010

<>: PC; $29.99.

? Predick Photo Organizer



<>: PC; free download.

?Smart Draw Photo

SmartDraw (858) 549-0314

<>: PC; $69.

Multimedia Memories


? Association of Moving Images Archivists

<>: Donate your home movies to the library or archives the association matches you with.

? Bull Dog Products

<>: Find the expected lifespan of photos printed with different papers, printers and inks.

? Care, Handling and Storage of Motion Picture Film


Preserve your home movies using these tips from the Library of Congress’ Preservation Directorate.

? EPhotoZine

<>: This article gives detailed instructions for sepia toning photographs.

? Film Decay and How to Slow It

<>: Get tips on saving movie film from this National Film Preservation Foundation article.

? General MacArthur’s Home Movies

<>: Watch the famous general’s family in action.

? Home Movie Transfers

<>: Have your old home movies transferred onto video cassettes or DVDs.

?Home Movies: The Family Historian’s Perspective

<>; Learn more about the history of home movies on this genealogy-focused Web site.

?Imaging Resource

<>: Find reviews of digital-imaging processes and photo printers and papers.

?Making Great Home Movies

<>: Make your home movies or videos more interesting with tips from this site.

?Media Street

<>: Find printers, archival photo paper and ink cartridges.

?National Film Preservation Foundation

<>: Get information about film preservation from professional conservators.

?Northeast Historic Film

<>: The New England-focused archive collects and lends films.

?People Power Productions

<>: Get a free brochure listing the benefits of preserving and transferring home movies.

?Preservation of Processed Film

<>: Learn how composition, processing and storage contribute to film’s life expectancy.

?Preserving Your Precious Home Videos

<>: Find out how to care for your home-movie collection.

?University of Michigan’s Clarke Library

<>: Learn about the “enemies of VHS tape” and how to prevent damage to your videos.

?Wilhelm Imaging Research

<>: The leading researchers on the stability and preservation of digital photographs and motion pictures provide longevity data for specific brands of digital-printing services and supplies.


? The Book of Film Care (Kodak Publication No. H-23) edited by Paul L. Gordon (Eastman Kodak Co., $9.95), order from (800) 233-1650

? Epson Complete Guide to Digital Printing by Bob Lord and Rob Sheppard (Sterling Publishing Co., $24.99)

? Home Movies: A History of the American Industry, 1897-7979 by Alan Kattelle (self-published, $49-95). order from Enfield Distribution Co., Box 699, Enfield, NH 03748 or see <>; add $5 for shipping

? Mastering Digital Printing: The Photographer’s and Artist’s Guide to High-Quality Digital Output by Harald Johnson (Muska & Lipman Publishing, $39.95)

? Reel Families — A Social History of Amateur Film by Patricia R. Zimmermann (Indiana University Press, $16.95)


?Calumet Photographic

890 Supreme Drive Bensenville, IL 60106 (800) 225-8638

<>: Find replacement reels and storage cans online or at retail locations in California, Illinois, Massachusetts and New York.

?Canon Printers

1 Canon Plaza

Lake Success, NY 11042

(800) 828-4040

<>: Buy Canon ink

cartridges, papers and photo printers,

? Epson

Box 93107

Long Beach, CA 90809

(800) 463-7766

<>: The Web site sells the Stylus C82 and Stylus Photo 2200 printers, the Epson line of photo-printing papers and Dura Brite ink cartridges.


6677 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90038 (800) 814-1333

<>: This Kodak subsidiary sells professional storage and film supplies, including film leader and splicing tape.


3000 Hanover St. Palo Alto, CA 94304 (800) 752-0900

< eway/printing_multifunction.html>: Buy printers, papers and ink cartridges.

?IJM Incorporated

Box 3413

Granada Hills, CA 91394

(818) 365-0385

<>: This

company specializes in the repair of Super 8 mm movie cameras.


70 W. Century Road

Paramus, NJ 07652

(201) 265-6000

<>: Buy Printasia Photo Glossy paper for use with Lexmark printers.

?Lexmark Printers

740 W. New Circle Road Lexington, KY 40550 (800) 539-6275

<>: Photos printed using the Z55 and Z65 printers received a six-year permanence rating by Wilhelm Imaging Research.

?Neumade Products 30-40 Picks Lane Newtown, CT 06470 (203) 270-1100

<>: Purchase replacement reels, storage cans, film care products and projectors online.

?Urbanski Film

Box 438

Orland Park, IL 60462

(708) 460-9082

<>: Find movie preservation supplies: plastic and steel cans, film leader, splicing tape and cleaners.

? UT Photo

4121 W. Vanowen Place

Burbank, CA 91505

(818) 556-5064

<>: Have your camera or audiovisual equipment repaired, or buy reconditioned products.

Genealogy Keepsakes


? Association of Personal Historians

<>: Read examples of memoirs others have written while getting expert advice for your own. The site has a directory of personal historians who can create life story books, videos and CD-ROMs for you.

? Capturing the Past

<>: Read Brigham Young University’s online guide to oral history interviewing.

? Center for Life Stories Preservation

<>: Use the tips and tools for writing your memoirs and family histories.


<>: Design your family history book with the free print-on-demand software you can download.


<>: Answer a questionnaire about yourself or your ancestor to create an online biography free of charge.

?One-Minute Guide to Oral Histories

<>: This article provides a quick reference for newcomers to oral history.

?Oral History Questions

<>: RootsWeb’s list of questions to ask your relatives will get you talking and compiling your oral history.

? Oral History Workshop on the Web

<>: Baylor University’s Institute for Oral History guides you through legal issues, the interviewing process and transcription.

? Past Voices

<>: Need some ideas for your memoirs? Submit your ancestors’ diaries, letters and personal stories, or read others’ experiences for inspiration.

? Tips for Oral History Interviewing

<>: Find out what equipment you’ll need and what questions to ask.

? Writer’s Digest Online Workshops

<>: This online forum created by Writer’s Digest magazine offers courses in life story and personal/family memoir writing.



? Angela’s Ashes: A Memoir by Frank McCourt (Simon & Schuster, $14)

? Dad Was a Carpenter: Blueprints for a Meaningful Life by Kenny Kemp (Harper San Francisco, $18)

? East of Eden by John Steinbeck (The Penguin Group, $14)

? Halfway Home: A Granddaughter’s Biography by Mary Logue (Minnesota Historical Society Press, $14.95)

? The Hatch and Brood of Time: Five Phelps Families in the Atlantic World, 1720-1880 by Peter Haring Judd (Newbury Street Press, $40)

? The Langhornes of Langhorne Park by D. Brenton Simons (Newbury Street Press, $29.50)

? A Midwife’s Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812 by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich (Random House, $14)

? Roots; The Saga of an American Family by Alex Haley (Dell, $7.99)

? Rose Cottage Chronicles: Civil War Letters of the Bryant-Stephens Families of North Florida by Arch Fredric Blakey, Ann Smith Lainhart and Winston Bryant Stephens Jr. (University Press of Florida, $34.95)

? Sally Hemings by Barbara Chase-Riboud (St. Martin’s Press, $14.95)

? A Scattered People: An American Family Moves West by Gerald McFarland (Ivan R. Dee, $16.95)

? Separate Lives: The Story of Mary Rippon by Silvia Pettern (The Book Lode, $19.95)

Slaves in the Family by Edward Ball (Random House, $16.95)

? Twenty Families of Color in Massachusetts 1742-1998 by Franklin A. Dorman (New England Historic Genealogical Society, $35)

? Where She Came From: A Daughter’s Search for Her Mother’s History by Helen Epstein (Dutton/Plume, $13.95)


? Bringing Your Family History to Life through Social History by Katherine Scott Sturdevant (Betterway Books, $19.99)

? The Family History Documentation Guidelines (The Silicon Valley PAF Users Group, $10)

? For All Time: A Complete Guide to Writing Your Family History by Charley Kempthorne (Boynton/Cook Publishers, $15.95)

? From Memories to Manuscript: The Five Step Method of Writing Your Life Story by Joan R. Neubauer (Ancestry, $5.35)

? How to Create a Video Biography by Ira Heffler and Jerry Schneider (Arrowhead Publishing, $14.95)

? How to Tape Instant Oral Biographies by Bill Zimmerman (Betterway Books, $12.99)

? How to Write the Story of Your Life by Frank P. Thomas (Writer’s Digest Books, $14.99)

Living Legacies by Duane Elgin and Coleen LeDrew (Conari Press, $18.95)

? Nearby History: Exploring the Past Around You by David E. Kyvig and Myron A. Marty (AltaMira Press, $24.95)

? Oral History: From Tape to Type by Cullom Davis, Kathryn Back and Kay MacLean (American Library Association, $46)

? Organizing and Preserving Your Heirloom Documents by Katherine Scott Sturdevant (Betterway Books, $21.99)

? Reaching Back: A Workbook for Recording Your Life’s Most Meaningful Moments to Share with Future Generations by Alice Chapin (Betterway Books, $14.99)

? To Our Children’s Children: Preserving Family Histories for Generations to Come and To Our Children’s Children: journal of Family Memories by Bob Greene and D.G. Fulford (Doubleday, $16.95 each)

? Transcribing and Editing Oral History

By Willa K. Baum (altamira Press, $15.95)

? Writing Family Histories and Memoirs by Kirk Polking (Writer’s Digest Books, $14.99)

? Writing Life Stories by Bill Roorbach (Story Press, $14.99)

? Writing Personal Essays: How to Shape Your Life Experiences for the Page by Sheila Bender (Writer’s Digest Books, $17.99)

? Writing the Family Narrative by Lawrence P. Goldrup (Ancestry, $12.95)

? Writing the Memoir. From Truth to Art

By Judith Barrington (the Eighth Mountain Press, $13.95)

? You Can Write a Memoir by Susan Carol Hauser (Writer’s Digest Books, $14.99)

? You Can Write Your Family History by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack (Betterway Books, $19.99)


? Creatiwtree: Design Ideas for Family Trees by Tony Matthews (Clearfield Co., $12.95)

? Family Trees: A Manual for Their Design, Layout & Display by Marie Lynskey (Phillimore, about $23)

? Learn Calligraphy: The Complete Book of Lettering and Design by Margaret Shepherd (Broadway Books, $16)

? Paper Trees: Genealogical Clip-Art by Tony Matthews (Genealogical Publishing Co., $14.95)

? The Self-Pubtishing Manual: How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book by Dan Poynter (Para Publishing, $19.95)

? Writing and Marketing a Family History in the New Millennium by Dwain L. Kitchel (Tennessee Valley Publishing, $12.75)


? The Association for the Calligraphic Arts

<>; This association’s directory features calligraphers located all over the world, some of whom specialize in creating hand-lettered family tree charts.

?Chartform Delivery

<>: Make a chart using almost any genealogy software, send the file to Wholly Genes, and have it printed and shipped for between $20 and $70, depending on size.

? Charting Companions

<>: Create ancestor, descendent, hourglass, fan and bow-tie charts on Ancestral Quest, Ancestry Family Tree and Legacy Family Tree with these add-ons. $19.95

? Clare McVickar Ward

(732) 758-0898: Have your pedigree charts and trees hand-lettered and illuminated. Each creation is illustrated with pen-and-ink and full-color drawings. Prices vary.

?Creations by Nancy

<>: Choose from a 9×12-inch three-generation photo chart or 11×14-inch seven-generation pedigree chart in mauve or hunter green for $3.50 each.

? Family Tree Illustration

<>: Choose from three chart styles, and even include pictures with your handwritten or printed pedigree chart. Family Tree Illustration will print an 11×17-inch chart for between $60 and $80.

? Family Tree SuperTools

<>: This add-on program lets you take advantage of The Master Genealogist’s graphing features, even if you use other genealogy software. The program costs $17.95 to download or $19.95 on CD-ROM.

? Family

<>: With data you provide, Family can custom design charts up to 3×10-feet, and can include up to 50 generations. Its standard six-generation ancestor chart costs $45 and its exclusive six-generation “Family Immigrant Tree” costs $85.

? FamPres

<>: This German company offers posters, booklets and calendars to display family pictures and data. Prices vary. To translate the site, go to <>.

? Fun Stuff for Genealogists

<>: Fun Stuff for Genealogists’ online store carries various pre-printed family tree charts, including a reproduction of an 1888 family tree photo holder, for between $12 and $25.

? Gen-Chart

<>: Submit your data three different ways and have Gen-Chart print either a 20×26-inch chart for $19.95 or a 26×36-inch chart for $29.95.

? Genelines

<>: Create timelines and put your family history in a broader historical context with this add-on program. Download for $29.95 or get the CD-ROM for $34.95.

? George Thomson

<>: Thompson uses computer-aided calligraphy to enhance your family tree. Prices start at about $285 for a letter-size chart.

?Heritage Family Tree

<>: Choose from 10 backgrounds, four chart formats and three sizes for the data you’ve entered into’s Online Family Tree. Each chart costs $19.99.


<>: The 1220cse can print wide-format, photo-quality family tree charts, but HP’s better known for ordinary ink-jet and laser printers. The 1220cse sells for $349.99.


<>: The nationwide copy-shop chain can print and bind your family history book for about $25.

?Marie Lynskey

<>: This English calligrapher specializes in hand-lettered family tree charts. Prices range from $150 for a five- or six-generation family tree to more than $1,500 for an illustrated family tree showing 20-plus generations.

?PAF Companions

<>: Enhance your Personal Ancestral File charts, make fan and hourglass charts and narrative reports, and search for matches in the Pedigree Resource File database of compiled genealogies with this $13.50 add-on program.

?Paper Tree <>: These hand-colored family tree charts showing between four and eight generations are available in more than 200 designs. Charts cost $12.50 to $26 each.

?The Tree Maker <>: This company offers 10 chart styles, which you can buy blank or customized with your family data. Prices range from $9.95 to $129.95.


?Anundsen Publishing Co.

108 Washington St.

Box 230

Decorah, IA 52101

(888) 382-4291


?Family Heritage Publishers

Salt Lake City, UT (888) 700-3871


?Family History Publishers

845 S. Main St.

Bountiful, UT 84010

(801) 295-7490


?Family Tree Press/Publishing Services

5220 S. 16th, Suite 200

Lincoln, NE 68512

(800) 376-1736


?Gateway Press

1001 N. Calvert St.

Baltimore, MD 21202

(800) 296-6687


?The Genealogy Printing Co.

323 Williams Ave.

S. Renton, WA 98055

(800) 200-2782


?The Gregath Publishing Co.

Box 505

Wyandotte, OK 74370

(918) 542-4148

?Heart of the Lakes Publishing

Box 299

Interlaken, NY 14847

(607) 532-4997


?Heritage Books

1540 Pointer Ridge Place,

Unit E

Bowie MD 20716

(800) 398-7709


?Infinity Publishing

519 W, Lancaster Ave.

Haverford, PA 19041

(877) 289-2665


?KiWe Publishing

Box 28007

Spokane, WA 99228

(509) 464-1266


?Newbury Street Press

101 Newbury St.

Boston, MA 02116

(617) 536-5740


?Picton Press

Box 250

Rockport, ME 04856

(207) 236-6565



1011 W. Market St.

York, PA 17404

(800) 711-8014


?The Reprint Co. Publishers

Box 5401

Spartanburg, SC 29304

(864) 579-4433

?Southern Heritage Press

4035 Emerald Drive

Murfreesboro, TN 37130

(615) 895-5642

?Tennessee Valley Publishing

5710 Kingston Pike, Suite F Box 52527

Knoxville, TN 37950

(865) 584-5235


?Wiedrich Publishing

6628 Uebelhack Road

Mount Vernon, IN 47620

(812) 985-5455

Heritage Albums


?Crazy for Scrappin’

<>: The site features product reviews, an “Idea Corner” and tips.

?Creative Scrap booking

<>: Find historical headlines in the 1940 to 1999 almanac,


<>: The home of one of the largest online layout galleries hosts a time capsule tool: Enter any 20th-century date to get a list of events from that day.

?Graceful Bee

<>: If you’re new to scrapbooking, visit this Webzine for ideas and instruction.

?Handcart Heritage Albums

<>: Categories of design ideas and theme paper include military, pets, travel, scouting and farm life.


<>: One of the largest scrapping sites on the Web, Jangle has layouts, tips, shopping, contests, a retail directory and a scrapping buddy sign-up.

?Preservation of Scrapbooks and Albums

<>: The Library of Congress gives scrapbook-preservation tips based on standards used by its own conservators.

?Scrapbook Addict Product Review

<>: Before you buy papers, punches, labels or tools, check out this site’s product reviews. Visitors rate everything from scanners to stickers.


<>: Co to the heritage area to read articles explaining album techniques step by step and to view sample scrapbook pages.


<>: This site sells printable backgrounds, borders, frames and clip art in Family Tree and Heritage scrapbook sets ($3 each).

?Your Family Legacy

<>: Genealogy and scrapbooking meet at this online source for archival-safe supplies and advice.


? The Complete Guide to Creating Heritage Scrapbooks edited by Kimberly Ball and Michelle Gerbrandt (Memory Makers Books, S22.99)

? Crafting Beautiful Journals and Albums: How to Personalize, Embellish and Make Diaries and Scrapbooks by Anna Morgan (Memory Makers Books, $22.99)

? Crafting Your Own Heritage Album by Bev Kirschner Braun (Memory Makers Books, $24.99)

? Creating Paper Techniques for Scrapbooks by the editors of Memory Makers (Memory Makers Books, $22.99)

? Extending the Past Into the Future: A Heritage Photo Page Idea Book by Theresa A. Harley (Do You Remember When …, $12.95)

? Family Scrapbooks by Michelle Gerbrandt and Deborah Cannarella (Memory Makers Books, $25)

? Great Scrapbooks: Ideas, Tips and Techniques by Judith Durant and Michelle Gerbrandt (Memory Makers Books, $25)

? Making Lumpy Scrapbook Pages (Hot Off The Press, $9.95)

? Making Scrapbooks: The Complete Guide to Preserving Your Treasured Memories by Vanessa-Ann and Gayle Humphreys (Sterling Publishing Co., $14.95)

? New Ideas for Crafting Heritage Albums by Bev Kirschner Braun (Betterway Books, $24.99)

? Quick and Easy Pages by Joanna Campbell Slan (EFC, $12.99)

? Scrapbook Basics by Michelle Gerbrandt and the editors of Memory Makers (Memory Makers Books, $22.99)

? Scrapbooking Your Family History by Maureen A. Taylor (Betterway Books, $24.99, due out in November)

? Shape Your Memories by Patti Swoboda (Krause Publications, $10.95)


?3L Corp.

685 Chaddick Drive

Wheeling, IL 60090

(800) 828-8382



1035 E, Dodge St.

Fremont, NE 68025




80 Grassland Road

Elmsford, NY 10532

(800) 284-4333


?Anna Griffin

733 Lambert Drive

Atlanta, GA 30324

(404) 817-8170


?The Attic

24207 75th Ave. SE

Woodinville, WA 98072

(425) 489-2580


?Bazzill Basics Paper

451 E. Juanita,

Suite 10

Mesa, A2 85204

(480) 558-8557



21 Industrial Drive

South Hadley, MA 01075

(800) 628-9283



Box 1141

Clifton, NJ 07014

(800) 524-1349


?CKC Creations

Box 10947

Bradenton, FL 34282

(888) 451-8080


? C-Line Products

1100 Business Center Drive

Mount Prospect, IL 60056

(800) 323-6084


? Club Scrap

W. 6484 Design Drive

Greenville, WI 54942

(888) 634-9100


? Colorbok

2716 Baker Road

Dexter, MI 48130

(800) 366-4660


?Creating Keepsakes

14901 Heritagecrest Way

Bluffdale, UT 84065

(888) 247-5282


? Creative Memories

Box 1839

St. Cloud, MN 56302

(800) 468-9335


? Creative Xpress

295 W. Center St.

Provo, UT 84601

(800) 563-8679


? C-Thru Ruler Co.

6 Britton Drive

Bloomfield, CT 06002

(800) 243-8419


? Current

1005 E. Woodmen Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80920

(877) 665-4458


?Design Originals

2425 Cullen St.

Fort Worth, TX 76107

(800) 877-7820


?EK Success

125 Entin Road

Clifton, NJ 07014

(800) 524-1349


? Ellison

25862 Commercentre Drive

Lake Forest, CA 92630

(800) 253-2238


?Emagination Crafts

463 W. Wrightwood Ave.

Elmhurst, IL 60126

(630) 833-9521



11913 Crossway Drive

Fort Wayne, IN 46814

(260) 489-9212


? The Family Archives

Box 830

Sumas, WA 98295

(888) 622-6556


? Family Treasures

24922 Anza Drive,

Unit A

Valencia, CA 91355

(661) 294-1330



7811 W. Stewart Ave.

Wausau, WI 54401

(800) 950-0203


?Frances Meyer

Box 3088

Savannah, GA 31402

(800) 372-6237


?Graphic Products Corp.

455 Maple Ave.

Carpentersville, IL 60110

(800) 323-1660


? Hot Off The Press

1250 NW Third St.

Canby, OR 97013

(800) 227-9595


?Hyglo-American Pin

Box 7340

Tempe, AZ 85281

(480) 968-6475


?K & Co.

8500 NW River Park Drive, Pillar 136

Parkville, MO 64152

(888) 244-2083


?Keeping Memories Alive

620 N. Main St.

Spanish Fork, UT 84660




800 Marshall Phelps Road

Windsor, CT 06095

(860) 547-0367


?Making Memories

1168 W. 500 North

Centerville, UT 84014

(801) 294-0403


?Marvy Uchida

3535 Del Amo Blvd.

Torrance, CA 90503

(800) 541-5877



131 E. Prairie St.,

Marengo, IL 60152

(800) 982-9884


?Me and My Big Ideas

20321 Valencia Circle

Lake Forest, CA 92630

(949) 583-2065


?Memory Makers

12365 Huron St, Suite 500

Denver, CO 80234

(800) 366-6465



2975 Exon Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45241

(800) 442-7035


?Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Co.

Box 4467

Petaluma, CA 94955

(800) 429-4549


?Northern Spy

Box 2335

Placerville, CA 95667

(530) 620-7430


?Paper Adventures

Box 04393

Milwaukee, WI 53204

(800) 727-0699


?The Paper Patch

Box 414

Riverton, UT 84065

(800) 397-2737


?Pioneer Photo Albums

Box 2497

Chatsworth, CA 91313

(818) 882-2161


?Rag and Bone Bindery

1088 Main St.

Pawtucket, RI 02860

(888) 338-8128


?Sakura of America

30780 San Clemente St.

Hayward, CA 94544

(800) 776-6257


?Scrap in a Snap

1359 E. Main St.

Lehi, UT 84043

(866) 462-7627



1717 S. 450

West Logan, UT 84321

(800) 333-3279



21900 Plummer St.

Chatsworth, CA 91311

(800) 776-5544


?Stamp Doctor

Boise, ID

(208) 342-4362


?Stampin’ Up!

Salt Lake City, UT

(800) 782-6787


?Westrim Crafts

9667 Canoga Ave.

Chatsworth, CA 91311

(818) 998-8550


From Family Tree Magazine‘s September 2003 Preserving Your Memories.