How to Print a Family Tree to Enjoy and Share

By Rachel Fountain

Want to print a family tree you can show off? Let us walk you through the steps!

Printing from the major genealogy sites

Ancestry and other major genealogical companies give you the option to print family trees directly from your account. Your can print your tree directly from by clicking the print icon on the left half of the page (it’s recommended that you print from the pedigree view to save paper).

Ancestry also has a partnership with a professional printing company, MyCanvas by Alexander’s, which prints family photo books as well as family trees. MyCanvas prints your Ancestry family tree as posters in a variety of styles and sizes, starting from $14.95.

To print your tree from MyHeritage, select the Family Tree tab and find Print Charts and Books – family trees are available starting at $30.50.

Printing from software

Most genealogy software programs also allow you to print your family tree. These trees often aren’t very decorative, so if you’d like more options you can search for and add-on program. For example, Legacy Family Tree’s Charting Companion lets you create family trees in a variety of shapes and sizes. RootsMagic provides it’s own printing service, where you can print charts, maps and trees created in and outside of the RootsMagic software.

Our very own Ultimate Family Tree Chart Templates CD contains a collection of family tree templates in 25 beautiful designs. This lets you create pedigree charts with pizzazz. Each design comes in three sizes – 75 type-and-save templates in all!

Using a service

There is a wide variety of services that can make family trees for you, in a range of styles and price points. Create charts to print at home, or get it professionally printed on high-quality paper. The level of customization on the print-at-home services varies widely, so it’s a good idea to know what you want the final product to look like before you choose! We’ve listed some examples below:

Geni (free JPEG for download)

OnePage Genealogy (free PDF download)

TreeSeek (free PDF for download)

Keepsake Family Trees ($45 and up)

Family Chart Masters ($24.95 and up)

Create one yourself

Don’t have an online family tree or want to create one from scratch? SmartDraw provides templates that allows you to create family trees and other genealogical charts. You can also find a variety of blank trees and templates online, including free or low-cost options from Etsy and ThoughtCo.

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