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Deep-dive into US census records and other population counts. From helpful research resources to clues about solving ancestor mysteries, our experts provide solutions to your toughest census conundrums.

[Both] the 1800 and 1810 censuses, which used identical questionnaires, broke down the ages of household members in greater detail. For both free white males and free white females, these censuses counted those under age 10, 10 and under 16, 16 and under 26, 26 and under 45, and age 45 and up, as well as other free persons and slaves.


David Fryxell, “US Census Information Year-by-Year for Genealogists

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1810 Census Fast Facts


August 6








Age breakdown of household members


New York City, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Baltimore, MD
Boston town, MA
Charleston, SC
Northern Liberties township, PA
New Orleans, LA
Southwark district, PA
Salem town, MA
Albany, NY

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1810 Census Form Image

United States Census Bureau (Click here to view larger and download.)

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1810 Census Questions

For the 1810 census, the questions were identical to the 1800 census. This census did, however, record the name of the county, parish, township, town, or city in which each family resided.

  1. The number of free White males and females aged, respectively:
    – under 10 years of age
  2. – of 10 years but under 16 years
  3. – of 16 years but under 26 years
  4. – of 26 years but under 45 years
  5. – 45 years and upward
  6. Number of all other free persons
  7. Number of slaves

United States Census Bureau, Index of Questions: 1810

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Where can I find the 1810 census?

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How to Read the 1810 Census

The age breakdown of household members is far more useful than the one in 1790, because it can help to separate parents from children (or grandparents living with their adult children and grandchildren) and it lets you match up the offspring more accurately.

David Fryxell

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1810 Census Research Resources

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