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From major family research companies like to small oral interviewing applications like Saving Memories Forever, the entire genealogy community has recognized the importance of being available for iPad, iPhone and Android. Check out some of our recent reviews, as well as round-ups of our favorite social and photograph-sharing apps for genealogists.


Price: free
Biggest draws: Lovely to look at and intuitive to use; ability to view original source images attached to your tree; search and upward integration with; even works on your phone
Drawbacks: Lacks regular source citations and help/tutorials; limited searching within your file; clunky downward integration with when you’ve changed your online tree | Read Our Review



Price: $9.99
Manufacturer: Leister Productions
Biggest draws: Makes excellent use of the iPad interface; navigating trees and switching views is a snap; slick and seamless integration with files on your Mac. Also available for iPhone
Drawbacks: Occasional bugs (freezes, additions to memo fields don’t sync with Mac)

Saving Memories Forever

Price: Free basic account, $3.99 a month for additional features and unlimited usage
Manufacturer: Saving Memories Forever
Biggest Draws: Easy-to-use voice recorder for sharing oral history and documents with others who have Saving Memories Forever accounts
Drawbacks: Organization of files is limited to predetermined categories and questions, allows audio files only
App Requirements: App requires iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 4.3 or later; Android 2.2 and later
Demo/Trial Version: Click here | Read our review

Articles About Genealogy Apps

7 Genealogy Facebook Apps
Facebook is a great tool for genealogy: You can keep in touch with family, share photos and even tap into free apps designed with family historians in mind.

Facebook’s Genealogy Apps
If you’re a social networking junkie, Facebook’s genealogy apps will fuel your addiction.

Genealogy iPhone Apps
You’ve seen the commercials touting all you can do with iPhone apps. But what if you need to double-check Great-grandpa’s birth date while you’re at the archives? As it turns out, there’s an app for that. Want to input the details from the death certificate you found? There’s an app for that, too.

Photo-Sharing Apps
Computer viruses have inspired a whole new approach to swapping pics—software or online services that allow you to send files back and forth without the use of e-mail. And because these products were developed specifically for exchanging photos, most can transfer large files far more quickly than e-mail can. Here are our six favorites.


Quick Guide: Evernote vs. Microsoft OneNote
Migrating to a digital note-taking system can save you time, space and headaches. But which one should you use? The top two contenders are Evernote and OneNote, and in this QuickGuide they go head to head

Quick Guide: Oral History Recording Apps 
Be ready for your next family history chat with a relative by downloading and learning to use one of these handy recording apps.

Tutorial: How to Web Clip with Evernote 
Family historians need a reliable, paperless way to capture the information they need from a website and organize that pile of notes. That’s where Evernote comes in, offering the ability to clip, store, organize, backup, share and retrieve notes. Follow our easy steps for Evernote’s Desktop or Web Clipper. This article includes a step-by-step Genealogy How-To Video on how to use Evernote’s Web Clipping tool.

Using Pinterest for Genealogy Research

Pinterest, the latest internet addiction, has genealogists everywhere sharing photos, records and research inspiration via online bulletin boards. Here’s how you can get in on the action.
Using your iPad for Genealogy video class
Tablet computers aren’t just trendy—they’re also perfect genealogy assistants. This class will introduce you to family history-friendly apps and show how your iPad can help you with organizing, writing and other genealogy jobs.

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