Genealogy Software Guide for Apple Mac

By Family Tree Editors Premium

Family Tree Maker 2017

Price: $69.95

Manufacturer: Software Mackiev

Biggest draws: Lots of bells and whistles; charts, reports and book publishing; integration with  and web searching; help options and companion guide

Drawbacks: Learning curve; no independent web publishing; buggy merging of online data


Price: $64.99, or upgrade from GEDitCOM 3.8 or earlier for $19.99

Manufacturer: John A. Nairn

Biggest draws: Ability to customize interface to your liking, native GEDCOM format

Drawbacks: A bit pricey for shareware

iFamily for Mac

Price: $49

Manufacturer: Keith Wilson

Biggest draws: Source documentation, numerous viewing options, gadgets

Drawbacks: Limited help section; lacks features to privatize data, create Web pages and record conflicting information

Heredis 2019

Price: $49

Manufacturer: BSD Concept

Biggest draws: Nifty graphics, 3-D family tree

Drawbacks: Slow GEDCOM importing

MacFamilyTree 9

Price: $49

Manufacturer: Synium Software

Biggest draws: Easy setup, attractive interface, fast GEDCOM imports

Drawbacks: No family group sheet

Reunion 12

Price: $99, or $49 for upgrade from an older version

Manufacturer: Leister Productions, (717) 697-1378

Biggest draws: improved interface; intuitive ease of use, navigation and data entry; extensive and contextual help files; drop-and-drag multimedia, places and sources; souped-up web publishing; full iOS integration

Drawbacks: new web searching isn’t integrated into program itself, relying on your browser; some features are hard to find; no PDF output

RootsMagic 7

Price: Free trial, $29.95, $19.95 upgrade

Manufacturer: RootsMagic

Biggest draws: ease of use, data entry, documenting sources, reports, publishing your tree online

Drawbacks: nothing major

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