Share Photos on Flickr

By Maureen A. Taylor

This weekend I finally had time to play with the web photo phenomena known as Flickr. I’m sure some of you have been members for a while and now I know why. It’s fun! For those unfamiliar with this very popular way to post, share and create with photos I’ll supply the basics.

  • First—It’s free! You can upgrade to a pro membership for around $24. You create an account using your Yahoo ID and start uploading images. It’s that easy.
  • Users choose how public or private they want their albums. Got some you want to share with the world? Pick public. If not, select one of the other options.
  • You can send links to your family and friends so that they can peek at your private albums.
  • Need a photo related present? You can do that to. I suggest taking the Flickr tour to explore what you can do with this site.

Recently the Library of Congress partnered with Flickr to share images from the country’s largest photo collection. To access the images, just type library of congress in the search box in the upper right-hand corner. You’ll be stunned at the diversity of images in the nation’s library. My personal favorites are all the early color pictures.

Don’t be shy. Flickr lets you post comments to each picture.

The response to my call for interesting photo backgrounds is filling my e-mail inbox. I’d like to share more of those images with. I’ve written to Flickr to see if that’s possible and to double-check that creating a group doesn’t violate their noncommercial rules. If for some reason Flickr turns down my request, I’ll find another way. Keep the pictures coming!

Next request—Got some curious props in photos? I’d love to see them.

Thanks again.