Genealogy Road Trips and Tours: Family Tree Magazine Podcast Episode 72

By Family Tree Editors

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In this episode:

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

Lisa’s newest book is available at Family Tree Shop: Turn Your iPad into a Genealogy Powerhouse.

Sponsor Spotlight: Family Tree Tours

This episode is sponsored by Family Tree Tours. Family Tree Tours provides a unique travel experience for those who are eager to know more about their family history. Envision meeting family you never knew existed, walking the cobblestoned streets through your ancestors’ village to the church where your great-great-grandfather was married,or visiting with local townsfolk in a beer garden. Whether you choose a privately escorted, group, or independent tour, Family Tree Tours provide you the opportunity to experience the culture of your heritage and create memories for future generations. Visit

News from the Blogosphere with Genealogy Insider Diane Haddad

Diane Haddad

A well-weathered genealogy traveler, Diane shares what key supplies and tools you should be packing for your family history trip.

 What to Bring When You Hit the Road for Genealogy

Top Tips: Genealogy Destinations

In this Top Tips segment we help you cross one or more of America’s top genealogy research and history destinations off your bucket list this summer. Dana McCullough is here to give us guiding tips from her article Genealogy Adventure Awaits which appears in the July/August issue of Family Tree Magazine.

101 Best Websites: Evernote

In this segment, Lisa shares Evernote tips and tricks for on-the-go research!

Family Tree Tours: President Kathy Wurth

Lisa and Kathy discuss tips for successfully planning a wonderful family history tour.  Learn more at

Family Tree University: Using Your iPad for Genealogy

Online Editor Tyler Moss and Lisa Louise Cooke switch seats as Tyler interviews Lisa about using your iPad or tablet on the road. Learn more in her webinar, iPad: Your Ultimate Genealogy Tool.
Lisa recommends these tablet apps for research away from home:
•    Google Earth
•    Evernote
•    Dropbox
•    SplashTop

From the Publisher’s Desk: Genealogy Tool Bag

Allison Dolan
Allison shares here “must-bring” items for hitting the road:
1.   Smartphone for using camera and apps
2.   Flash drive
3.   SD card
4.   Charger(s)
5.   Research binder with copies of ancestor charts and family group sheets for lines being worked on
6.   Printouts of information about the repository/destination being visited
7.   Sweater (in case A/C is uncomfortably cold)
8.   Comfortable bag with room enough for sweater and research supplies
9.   Dollar bills and quarters for parking, copiers/copier cards, etc.
10. Pencils
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