AncestorNews: Preserving Family Recipes

By Nancy Hendrickson Premium

While on my recent road trip to Arizona, I took along a few of my favorite recipes: my sister Vicki’s minestrone soup and Mom’s cherry cobbler. One cold morning as I put together a big pot of soup, I thought about the recipes that have become family secrets.

Recipes are a part of family heritage. Just like diaries and letters, they provide a glimpse into an almost forgotten past—a past that needs to be preserved.

What’s the best way to preserve your own recipes, as well as those of your ancestors, for future generations? You can make them a part of your genealogy software, create a family cookbook, add them to a Web page or write them down in a special journal bought just for this purpose. If you’re not sure how to create a specialty journal, pick up a copy of Personal Journaling magazine. It’s always filled with great ideas.

If you’d like to explore more ideas about preserving family recipes, try these Web sites:

Creating Your Own Family Cookbook
Excellent suggestions on compiling a cookbook filled with family favorites.

Homespun Country Kitchen
A companion site to the mailing list of the same name.

Preserving Your Treasured Family Recipes
Basics on choosing a format to preserve favorite recipes.

Keepsakes from the Kitchen
Scrapbooking ideas.

Also see “A Taste of History” from the December 2000 issue of Family Tree Magazine to get the recipe for discovering and preserving your family history through meals and memories.

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