Four Fun Family Photo Projects

By Denise May Levenick Premium
Genealogy banner photo project.

Anyone who enjoys family history and photographs knows that photos are meant to be shared. Fortunately, the digital revolution makes it fun and easy to share photos—and details about them—in projects everyone will enjoy.

Blankets, mugs, mousepads, wall calendars and more all can be personalized with digital photos or documents from your family history research. Try each of these four fun family photo projects to take your photos from old-school to mod!


1. DIY Pedigree Pennant Bunting Project

Invite your ancestors to the party with festive family bunting showcasing old images or more recent snapshots. This 30-minute project makes great decor for a birthday party, anniversary celebration or wedding.


Step 1. Choose one or more digital photos that will fit in the triangular bunting template and save copies in a folder on your desktop names Bunting.

Step 2. Open the bunting template in your word processor. Choose Insert>Photo>Picture From File and insert a photo as large as possible on the page. It will appear below the template.

Step 3. Double-click on the image (Control-click) on a Mac and Choose Wrap Text>Through (or Behind Text, depending on your version of Word) to move the photo on top of the template. Double-click or Control Click on the image again and choose Arrange >Send to Back, to place the photo behind the template. Adjust the photo to fill the pennant template.

Step 4. If you want to apply special effects to the image, such as soft edges or a color filter, double- or control-click and choose Format Picture.

Step 5. Print the pennant pages on cardstock. Cut out the pennant shape and score along the double line between the tab and the pennant. Fold over ribbon or string and glue. Repeat to make the bunting as long as desired.

Family faces collage photo project.

2. How to Make a Family Collage

Are family get-togethers growing so large that they’ve become a version of Guess Who? Help everyone match names with faces by making a quick family collage to print and post at your next reunion (and share beforehand). You also can upload it to a photo service to include in a photo book or other project.


  • digitized family photos that show faces clearly
  • computer with internet access and printer
  • white cardstock

Step 1. Collect copies of selected digital photos in a desktop folder labeled Collage

Step 2. Go to PicMonkey website. (Close the promotional popup if you see one.) Hover your ouse over the Collage option at the top and choose Computer in the menu that appears below. Navigate to your photos and follow the prompts to upload them.

Step 3. In the editing menu on the far left, click the collage icon to view template options. Choose Square Deal, then click the template with a grid of 16 squares. Choose Photos (the picture icon) in the Editing menu and drag your images to the layout grid where you want them. Choose Open Photos to upload more photos.

Step 4. Click and drag each image until you like the placement. To enlarge images or adjust the exposure, hover your mouse pointer over the photo and click the Edit button in the top corner.

Step 5. Click the artist’s palette icon in the editing menu to adjust the spacing between photos round the photo corners or change the background color.

Step 6. To add the title, click Edit collage in the menu bar at the top. This opens the collage in the editor. Click the text icon (Tt) and choose a font (I used Lobster Two). Click Add Text at the top of the font list. Type your text and adjust color, size and alignment.

Step 7. Add the name in the text box under each photo. Preserve the font and size by right-clicking or Control-clicking to copy a text box, then paste it under the next photo and replace the name.

Step 8. Close the text edit box and click Save in the top menu bar. Name the collage, select “Pierce” or “Sean” photo quality for optimal resolution, and click the green Save to My Computer button. Open the file and print or use in a photo project.

Family photo projects scarf.

3. Got Roots? Scarf

Show your interest in family history using the PicMonkey photo editor and Spoonflower custom fabric service. This simple infinity scarf uses a yard of custom-printed poly crepe de chine. You can choose different fabrics or custom gift-wrap.


  • computer with internet access
  • sewing machine and supploes

Step 1. Log into Spoonflower, choose the Create Fabric option and select Other Design Options at the bottom of the page. Choose to design a Fat Quarter 21×18 inches.

Step 2. PicMonkey opens in your browser with a blank design area. Choose the Text icon, select EcuyerDax and drag the Add Text box to the design area. Type the text Got Roots? Enlarge the words to fill the page horizontally by fragging the corner of the text box to the edge of the design area.

Step 3. Click on the Crop icon and adjust the crop box to enclose your text. Click Apply. Click Save in the top toolbar.

Step 4. The Spoonflower design page opens; select Repeat: Half-Block. Select poly crepe de chine as the fabric. Choose the size and product and place the order. Sew your scarf following the instructions at <>.


Don’t forget to pin each project if you don’t have time to make each project now!

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Last Updated: July 2020

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