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One of the most common questions we get, especially from beginner genealogists, is “Which software should I buy?” We designed this section of our Web site to help you answer that question.


Since just about every program performs the same basic functions of recording, organizing and sharing family history data, the best choice for you depends on your personal preferences. So in this roundup of the most popular family tree software for Windows and Mac, we’ve highlighted not only the vital stats of each program, but also its pros and cons. We’ve also linked to our most recent reviews from past issues, which you’ll find on our Forum-where other genealogists may have chimed in with their own impressions and critiques.


Ancestral Quest 12
Manufacturer: Incline Software, (800) 825-8864,
Biggest draws: Compatible with Personal Ancestral File (PAF) and expands on PAF’s capabilities; fields to record DNA test results; many reporting options, including pedigree charts with sources and notes; PDF output; research logs
Drawbacks: Poor family view, add-on needed for a wide selection of graphical charts
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Family Tree Legends 5.0
Price: free
Manufacturer: MyHeritage,
Biggest draws: Simple, streamlined screens; many charting options; custom reports; share your data and pictures on a CD or DVD; back up files to CD or DVD; includes genealogy programs for Palm handheld devices and the Pocket PC; opens Family Tree Maker files
Drawbacks: Printed scrapbooks include photo titles, but not photo descriptions
Note: A higher version, 6.0 Deluxe, is available from Individual Software, (800) 822-3522
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Family Tree Maker 2008
Price: $39.95
Manufacturer: The Generations Network, (800) 262-3767,
Biggest draws: Online searching and a fresh, new look
Drawbacks: Missing charts and reports
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Family Trees Quick & Easy 6
Price: $19.95
Manufacturer: Individual Software, (800) 822-3522,
Biggest draws: Easy to use, good family group sheets and pedigree charts, PAF compatibility, toll-free help number
Drawbacks: It’s essentially an old version of Ancestral Quest
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Genbox Family History 3
Price: $29.95
Manufacturer: Thoughtful Creations, (513) 522-4116,
Biggest draws: Wide selection of printed reports, including excellent narrative reports for creating a book with a place-name index; many options for publishing your family history online; ease of use
Drawbacks: Overwhelming array of graphical chart options could benefit from some streamlining
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Heritage Family Tree Deluxe 4.0
Price: $29.95
Manufacturer: Individual Software, (800) 822-3522,
Biggest draws: Easy navigation, outstanding printed reports, toll-free help number, comes bundled with Progeny Software’s Charting Companion
Drawbacks: Essentially an old version of Ancestral Quest
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Legacy Family Tree Deluxe 6.0
Price: $29.95 download, $39.95 on CD with training video and downloadable manual
Manufacturer: Millennia Corp., (800) 753-3453,
Biggest draws: Research assistance, printable family history books, ease of use
Drawbacks: Lacks a charting companion (it’s sold separately)
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The Master Genealogist Gold 6.12
Price: $59 download, $79.97 on CD with printed manual
Manufacturer: Wholly Genes Software, (877) 864-3264,
Biggest draws: Detailed reports, unlimited customization
Drawbacks: Steep learning curve
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Personal Ancestral File 5.2
Price: free download, $8.25 on CD with PAF Companion
Manufacturer: FamilySearch, (800) 537-5971,
Biggest draws: Ease of use, excellent help files, price, foreign language versions, well-designed print and Web reports, good graphical charts with PAF Companion
Drawbacks: Reports don’t include alternate personal names
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RootsMagic 3
Price: $29.95 download, $39.95 on CD with printed manual
Manufacturer: RootsMagic, Inc., (800) 766-8762,
Biggest draws: Shareable CDs, excellent printed reports, ease of use
Drawbacks: Less sophisticated online searching than other programs
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GEDitCOM 3.72
Price: $49.95
Manufacturer: John A. Nairn,
Biggest draws: Ability to customize interface to your liking, native GEDCOM format
Drawbacks: A bit pricey for shareware
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iFamily for Tiger
Price: $29.95
Manufacturer: Keith Wilson,
Biggest draws: Source documentation, numerous viewing options, gadgets
Drawbacks: Limited help section; lacks features to privatize data, create Web pages and record conflicting information
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Heredis Mac X.2
Price: $69 download
Manufacturer: BSD Concept,
Biggest draws: Nifty graphics, 3-D family tree
Drawbacks: Slow GEDCOM importing
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MacFamilyTree 4.5
Manufacturer: OnlyMac Software,
Price: $49
Biggest draws: Easy setup, attractive interface, fast GEDCOM imports
Drawbacks: No family group sheet, more flashy than functional for serious genealogists
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Reunion 9
Price: $99.95
Manufacturer: Leister Productions, (717) 697-1378,
Biggest draws: Ease of use; many charts and reports; creates excellent Web sites; support for nontraditional family relationships
Drawbacks: Price
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