September 2010: Making Connections

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Sharing Is Caring
I just read Mary Sainsbury’s letter in the July 2010 issue. She asked how descendants of slave owners can share information with descendants of slaves. Luckie Daniels, who writes the Our Georgia Roots blog <>, started a website called A Friend of Friends <>, as well as the Carnival of African-American Genealogy <carnivalofafricanamericangenealogy.> to encourage this kind of collaboration.

Marchelle Smith
via e-mail 

Quilted Comfort
Thank you for Karen Edwards’ article “Fabric of Their Lives” in the July 2010 issue. It validates the sometimes tedious but always compelling research I’m doing to document the ties among the names inscribed on an 1879 signature quilt from Gravesend (now a neighborhood in Brooklyn), NY. For others at work on similar projects in need of an example of a finished product, I highly recommend Lynda Salter Chenoweth’s 2009 book Philena’s Friendship Quilt: A Quaker Farewell to Ohio (Ohio University Press).

Joseph Ditta
Brooklyn, NY

Box Score
As I lay in bed last night, a small voice told me to look through our family lockbox again. It had been years since I’d been through it. The deed to our home is in there, with my dad’s will and honorable service discharge papers. I read in the May issue of Family Tree Magazine information about finding where your folks lived in 1940. My dad was born in the Philippines in 1903, and when he wanted to apply for Social Security, he needed proof of his age. There in that box was a letter from the US Census Bureau stating where he lived in 1940, including the street he lived on in Pasadena, Calif., his age and the name of the head of household. Wow. One less person to hunt for in 2012 when the 1940 census will be released!

Monette L. Cortez
via e-mail

Winning Webinar
I did my first Family Tree University webinar this year, on Family-Search. I learned many new things, one of which was using the Record Search Pilot Site. It was incredible, and I’ve found quite a bit of info. I’m already signed up for another webinar! If you register early, you can get pretty good deals, and it’s cheaper than going to an in-person seminar where you have to pay for travel. Besides, you can be in your jammies with no makeup on!

Madeline Lynch
from Facebook

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From the September 2010 Family Tree Magazine

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