Recipe for a Family Cookbook

By Kathleen Reinmann Premium

Edith Wagner, editor of Reunions magazine, offers these tips for creating your own family cookbook:

  • Recruit volunteers to collect and input recipes, stories, traditions and hints.
  • Include and stick to a deadline. Follow up regularly.
  • When recipes start to arrive: Sort recipes and stories into folders for each food category. Eliminate duplicates. Clarify confusing recipes. Standardize measurements and abbreviations. Proofread every word and have more than one person proofread.
  • You must check proofs before the cookbook is printed.
  • Printing, assembly and binding books takes two to three months after the publisher receives your recipes.
  • Payment is typically due 30-90 days from shipping.

If you would rather self-publish your cookbook, answer these questions:

  • What are the book’s specifications? Standard (8 ½ × 11) size, softcover or hardcover, font, binding (plastic comb, wire, perfect bound, soft back)?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • How many will you print?
  • How many can you (realistically) sell?
  • Where will books be delivered and stored?
From the August 2000 issue of Family Tree Magazine